Saturday, October 13, 2001

My Worst Night So Far

Last evening I thought I smelled smoke in my flat. Odd since I haven't opened the windows or turned on the a/c. I've been running the air filters 24/7. My neighbor said he smelled it too and that the wind shifted. The acrid smoke was permeating our homes. It makes your head ache and your throat sore. I went down to the maintenance room and got some heavey gage plastic and taped it around the entire base of my a/c unit. I then taped any separation where I felt air coming in. I soaked 2 old towels and covered the vents. I thought I had won the battle. I was even a bit smug about it and called 2 other neighbors to boast about my victory and share my technique.

Then.....I woke at 2 am (and several other times) this morning smellng it again. I rinsed the towels, checked the plastic, patched the places I may have missed. I cranked the air filter to the highest level. I tried turning the a/c unit on exhaust bit it made no difference. I put lavender essential oil in a diffuser to help mas the smell. I moved to the couch at the south end of my flat for the remainder of the restless night. The smoke is seeping into our building somehow and we don't know how or where it's getting in. All we can do is hope for rain...or for the wind to shift again so we can breathe.

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