Sunday, September 30, 2001

The First Days

"Well the first days are the hardest days, don't you worry any more
' Cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door.
Think this through with me, let me know your mind
Wo-oh, what I want to know is, are you kind?"- Grateful Dead

My flat looks fine. They did a great job with the hep-vac. I cleaned out the fridge and scribbed the kitchen yesterday. I was then too exhausted to do all the laundry. I washed my slip-covers and bed linens today. I need to buy an air filter because the air quality is bad and giving me a headache. My friend, Roger, tried to pick one up for me today, but everything is sold out. A former neighbor came by to visit and brought me food. She was able to get past the blockade because her I.D. has a BPC address. I divided the food she brought and took half down to the front desk with a note to share with my neighbors, whoever's left. I heard hey may have one of the grocery stores open tomorrow as there is a possible food delivery tonight. Last night I slept on the couch with Elvis while Sid took advantage of having my bed to himself. I left the shades open so I could see the few lit flats of other neighbors. It's creepy. No food. No cars. Very few people. There are only 25 people in my building tonight...a building with 23 floors. My sensei is home and said he will leave his door open in case I want to come up later.

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