Monday, October 01, 2001

Extreme Pizza

My sensei's flat has a view of the former towers. I took a photo from his window and cried. He's been crying too. We all have. He asked me if I wanted to sit and look, but I told him I wish to stand (not sit) out of respect. He understood. If they let me up on the roof soon, I will pay my respects, cry some more. Right now I'm like a child afraid to go to bed, so I suppose I'll sleep on the couch again tonight. Elvis will sleep at my side as usual. I saw that Sid decided to spend the tonight in the cat carrier, perhaps it's his version of sleeping on the couch. I am especially afraid tonight - and for now good reason. I took some medication and paged, Steph. As I was falling asleep, I received his call. He put me into such a fit of laughter that I forgot I was afraid.

He's a genius:

He said that Domino pizza gives you a free pie if they deliver one late, so I should keep ordering from them because if they can actually find a way to get into my neighborhood, the guards won't let them past the blockade. I would get a lot of free pizza even though we don't like Domino's pizza.

He said that he would come over and watch movies on my big screen tv. When I replied, that I don't have one, he said..."One of your neighbors must have one and nobody is home...that's why they call it home shopping network.

Steph makes my face hurt from laughter.

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