Thursday, October 11, 2001

One Month Later

It's hard to believe it's been one month since the massacre. It still feels like yesterday. Trauma recovery is a slow and tedious process. My neighborhood is a ghost town. One of the largest apartment houses is completely unoccupied. It's creepy at night seeing all the dark windows. My building is now at less than 1/4 occupied. The same for Liberty Tower across the street. I can't open the windows or turn on the a/c because it brings in more toxic dust. I've cleaned the entire flat many times. I have to wash and re-wash clothes and linens. I think I'm beginning to win the battle over the dust. It's not ordinary causes headaches, nasal discharge, and a cough. My air filters are working...the cough and headache are beginning to go away. It's hard to get food. One grocer opened and it's slim pickin's for a vegetarian. There is one subway south of me that didnt' get crushed. People squeeze in like sardines. Sometimes one has to wait for 2 or 3 trains to pass until there is a spot to squeeze in. The streets are washed several times a day. All the grass is being replaced. The buildings are being hosed down too. There is a tent on the n/e corner where they hose off the vehicles leaving "ground zero". One must show proof of residence to enter my neighborhood. There are police and military everywhere!

I have on shinging NY moment to report. I have a patch from my Grandpa Cook's Fireman's jacket whiche reads "cookie", his nickname. My tailor sewed it on my jacket for me and wouldn't charge me for it. I thanked him in his native language, korean. I can't write it in korean, but it sounds like hum za hum nee da.

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