Monday, September 17, 2001

Starting Over

Monday, September 17, 2001

I slept through the night. I still had the nightmares, but no noises. I
worked through the nightmares without waking up. I phoned work and asked
for more time. So much to do, I don't know where to begin. I will start
with this e-mail to answer everyone's questions. I then will start
taking care of business. Canceling credit cards etc; contacting people.
Starting over. My life was spared because it was a Tuesday. On any other
day I would have been in that building on my way to work and may have
died. I could have froze with fear when I went to the roof to see what
was going on and struck with debris. Had I not thought to shut the
windows, I, as well as my cats, could have suffocated. The towers could
have fallen over and demolished BPC, but they went straight down. Had I
left the building sooner, I could have been struck with the debris and
suffocated by the soot.

Had I not found Dino and gone to check the building, I
wouldn't have been whisked off by a police boat nor would I have known
that my cats were alive.

Had I not expressed so accurately my need to return, I may
have been shipped to Staten Island. Had I lost my strength to keep
trying, I would not have rescued my cats. Had I not been there, all 17
pets wouldn't have made it out. Looking back, I find it odd that there
was very little dialogue, yet there was so much un-spoken communication.
We were efficient and moved like a well oiled team. It was as if we each
knew our role.

My soul-full gratitude to all those that helped, each in their own way:
Jose- for protecting and feeding and finally rescuing the animals
Sam- the same
Anthony - the same
Jack Linn- the ANGEL in disguise without whose determination and bravery
we would have never been able to pass the blockades
Tarra Rosenbaum
The Parks escorts
Lisa Berganty- for trying
Cathy Zweisler- for trying
Nancy McDonald- for trying
Lisa Phillips- for connecting me to the right people and your prayers
Fawn & Dylan for clothes, a roof, food, and support
Dino Geangelo- for helping to protect me in the blizzard of ash
Bill Longman- for informing everyone via e-mail My homeless neighbors
Everyone at The Center For Health & Healing especially:
Dr. Stephen Quentzel
Barbara Glickstein
MY LOVE AND DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO YOU ALL!!!!! I am both awestruck and
thankful to be alive with Sid and Elvis.

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