Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Happy go lucky?

I ordered my air filter directly from vornado via the phone. It should arrive in 5-7 days. I spent ALL DAY at the Red Cross yesterday trying to get assistance as I had to replace a lot of food and because the air filter was so expensive. The gave ma a small voucher which should cover the cost of the filter and some food. I had to ride my bike in a large "U" down near th esea port area and then back west to get them. Crazy! When I tried to find a more direct route home, I was stopped by police. They put my bike in a van and drove me home. The emergency and oficcial vehicles coming to and fro get their tires washed at my corner before leaving the area. I asked about this and was told somethimes dna (in the form of small body tissue) is often found on tires. HORRID!

Tribecca is quite a bit north of the old towers so I don't know why some friends can't move back. I am MUCH block south west. We residents say, "we live across the street from WTC because we literally do. Many residents are moving out, especially those with "the view". The few of us left in the building have banded together. My neighbor Phil lent me his hepa-vac to re-clean my flat. It's a Miele and it picked up a lot of residue that was still there even after the cleaning crew.

My mom phoned briefly yesterday. I don't think she fully undersands the severity of the situation here. If she only knew, she wouldn't want me living here.

As for my brother, well I never hear from him. He's only visited twice in 14 years. He's never been to my BPC flat.

Jose the super is always looking after things and the doormen are lovely people: Felix put air in bike tires yesterday because he thought they looked low. One of the residents asked jokingly, "how come she gets such good service?" and Felix replied, "She makes us cookies for Xmas"! Our other doorman, Jim, is back and we hugged. We're all so happy to be alive.

I return to work on Thursday. Is the antithesis of happy go lucky...crappy go sucky?

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