Friday, October 12, 2001

Picture This

Someone drops 2 bombs approx 4 houses away from yours, but by some miracle you lived and your home is still standing. Most of your neighborhood is a smoldering mound of rubble 16 acres square. The surrounding streets are closed off, thousands dead. Many of your neighbors leave their homes behind and never return. Moving trucks come at all hours of the day and night. You are left with 1 or 2 neighbors on your block that you know of. The other homes are dark and empty. you live 4 houses away from a gargantuan crime scene. The works work around the clock removing debris and hosing he relentless fire. Your town coucil begins to replace the lawns and hose the ash off the homes left standing. The town sweeper truck washes the streets day and night to remove dust. No more family picnics, no more children playing on the lawns...these scenes are now replaced by police, military, FBI, and CIA. You notice that all the workers outside wear speacial masks and you question the reports you've read about the air quality being "clean". You can't open your windows or turn on your a/c because it brings in more dust and you've spent over a month cleaning and re-cleaning your home. You tell yourself that it wont' be forever and eventually it may even be more than just bearable - it might actually get back to "normal". A good day depends upon which way the wind blows. When the wind is blowing in YOUR directon, you suffer greatly.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

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