Monday, December 03, 2001


The Main Course:

Yesterday, as I sat creating my holiday cards for this season, I was distracted by 3 bands of pink clouds spanning the sky. I went to the window and discovered the most spectacular sunset I had ever seen. The colours were nearly neon. I decided to go to the roof and photograph it. Soon other neighbors were coming up to the roof for a better look.

The Dessert:
Last night I went out with my telescope and tripod to take a peek at Jupiter which would be very close to the moon. I wandered down South End and staked out the perfect spot when I was approached by a ranger.

He said, "You dan't do that".
I explained that it was not a camera, but a telescope and was looking for jupiter".
He said, "You're kidding, right!"
"No", I replied, pointing to the planet.
"You mean that star", he said sarcastically.
"Yes", I replied, "only... it's not a star... it's a's jupiter".
He got angry and said, "You can use the scope, but not the tripod...there's a law".
Not being familiar with any such law, I asked, "If I remove a leg and make it a bipod, would that be ok?"

He did not laugh.

Tonight saturn is supposed to be one of the best shows ever so you KNOW I'll be back out there with my flashlight, map and scope. Perhaps I should fashion an extra leg for my tripod and make it a quadra-pod or are there laws against those too?!?!

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