Thursday, November 29, 2001


Last night Stephen took me o see Phil Lesh at the Beacon.

My PTSD related quirks since 9/11:
  • I can't sleep in my bed, only the couch
  • I fear crowds
  • I don't go out at night
  • I can't stand loud noise
I figured that I could deal with crowds, darkness and loud noises all at the same time and if I started getting freaky...I would have Steph with me. (He practices family medicine and Psychiatry). He's quite funny.

He said, "the concert will be your exorcism and your head will spin around and you'll barf green stuff - then you'll be your old self". The he said, "You're under doctor's orders to have fun and dance!" - which I did....'til 12:30 am. It was such fun. I asked him for a lift home and he gave me one which was terribly nice since he lives at 190th street. He said, "I figured you wouldn't get your PTSD butt in the subway".

We talked a bit about that day. He had gone downtown hoping to give medical care, but ended up working the "bucket brigade". He only found body parts. He said he was moved by what he saw, but not traumatized. He said he doesn't do trauma and never worries.

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