Thursday, September 10, 2009

8 Years Later

Dancing Dragons - Satch 9/9/2009

There's been much talk of dragons over the last few days. Satch has been drawing them, and choreographing special "moves" to stop them. It's timely considering this is the time of year that I must face my own dragon. There have been no nightmares of late and I'm thankful. Yet it still feels so fresh in my being - all of it - that it's hard to imagine it all happened eight years ago.

I remain so very grateful to be alive. So grateful, in fact, that it's not uncommon to hear me say time and again how very full my life is. What some would deem ordinary, I find so beautiful that I often fight back tears. I photograph what I am able as if to say, "do you see you see it too?" A surge of emotion may envelope me when I'm singing a song with my son and find I must turn quickly to wipe an escaped tear. It may surround me when I'm reading him a bedtime story and find myself choked up at the end. The intensity of love and gratitude that I feel supersedes the minutia of my days...the tide of Legos, the power struggles, the tangled sock drawer of emotions to be sorted when one becomes a family.

It is this love, this bond and commitment to each another that, I believe, strengthens, heals, and gives me that I can bravely look the dragon in the eyes...then dance for the joy of being alive!

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