Friday, July 19, 2002

Three Rules

I ran into my sensei last night and we exchanged info about "renew nyc"
and their plans to help ground zero residents. I told him that there
are only 3 original tenants left on my floor and he said, "That's ok...I
don't know any one on my floor any more either" and we laughed. Then he
said, "Do you remember what I taught you...the 3 rules...what's rule
number 1?" I replied, "Sensei is always right".
Then he asked, "what's rule number 2". I replied, "When it doubt,
to rule number 1".
Finally he asked, "...and rule # 3?" I answered, "If all else fails
it's Mo's fault". (Mo is my sensei's girlfriend) "Very
remember", he said. I bowed and we laughed some more.

I saw Slobadon (a fellow artist and neighbor) getting his mail the other
day, but he hasn't moved back with his wife and baby. He is still
concerned with potential health risks.

I had a another nightmare last night:
I dreamt that Robert was over (it was night) and he opened the windows
for some air, but a smoky fog came in. I ran to the window and saw that
the building across the street (Gateway Plaza) was on fire. I said,
"lets get the cats in the carrier and get out of here".
We packed up the cats and he wanted to stop at an atm to get more money,
but we learned that the city was in a complete lock-down. We couldn't
leave nor could we get money to leave.
Then the dream morphed into a scene in which Elvis (my cat) escaped the
carrier in the subway and I was trying to get him. It morphed again
into a scene in which I was in another building fire and trying to get
my cats out even though the fireman told me it was about to collapse.

Sunday, July 07, 2002


The EPA sent out flyers offering testing and cleaning of the flats
around ground zero. The EPA website lists TONS of info about the toxic
elements we've been exposed to. There is also recommendations for
clean-up. The EPA recommends continual cleaning. For months following
9/11, I had to clean every couple of days because of the settling
residue. I now find I only have to clean every week. I use a special
HEPA vacuum and the "wet dust" method. I run the air filters when I
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